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fr Ce site est en anglais pour permettre une plus large diffusion. Si vous êtes allergique à l’anglais et que vous êtes un de mes étudiants en informatique : changez d’orientation tout de suite…​

The following courses are in English except those with the French flag fr.

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Level of difficulty

I’ve graded from easy/beginner () to advanced ()

Definitions/Theory vs Practical

Courses with are more theoretical than those with

1. Undergraduate

1.1. DUT Informatique

I teach the following courses in the DUT Informatique at IUT de Blagnac :

dut modules
Figure 1. Modules dependencies

1.2. Licence APSIO

I teach the following courses in the Licence APSIO at IUT de Blagnac:

1.3. Old stuff

  • Analysis and Design of Information Systems - ACSI (L1/L2 levels)

2. Graduate

2.1. Master ICE

I teach the following course at Master ICE (formerly Master NTIE) of Université de Toulouse II - Le Mirail:

  • IDM (M1 level)

2.2. Master DL

I teach the following course at Master DL of UPS:

3. Advanced & International

3.1. DU PLM

I teach the following courses in the DU PLM at UPS:

3.2. Engineering Diploma

I gave an introduction to modeling in the Masters of Engineering in Electronic Engineering in Electronic System Design at ITT Dublin, Ireland:

2016 students

3.3. Old stuff

2012 students

4. Academic partnerships

Papyrus4education logo

I am leader of the Papyrus4Education initiative at Eclipse, that aims at promoting the use of the open source Papyrus modeler for teaching UML™/SysML™. Thanks CEA LIST, for your constant support.


Through GitHub Educational Account, my students have private repositories on GitHub.


Through Visual Paradigm Academic Partner Program, IRIT is granted license for modeling software - VP-UML for educational use.

0548677e6432786dd8df61eb3aaec139 M

Thanks No Magic, for providing me with a MagicDraw licence for teaching SysML™.


Thanks JetBrains for providing me with free licence for RubyMine, IntelliJ and PyCharm.

lucidchart logo 2016

Thanks LucidChart for supports in drawings for my students.

5. Contributions are welcome!

If you want to contribute you can play first with the following (fake) materials.

My dear students are more than welcome to contribute!